Rules of Admission

  • Admission : Parents/Guardians will obtain a copy of the prospectus, containing the school rules and admission form, from the office on payment of Registration Fee.
  • The academic year starts on second working day of April. Students who have been promoted must deposit their fee within first ten working days of April. Students fa iling to do so will be treated as fresh admission, provided vacancy, exists, and will have to pay the charges accordingly.
  • Students may be admitted in mid-term only in special circumstances at the discretion of the manager. They will have to pass an Admission test. The charges in respect of such students will be paid for the whole academic year. Students who bring transfer certificate from recognized previous school will pay the tuition fee from the date of issue of the said certificate and not for the full academic year.
  • Admission to first and higher classes will be on the basis of a simple test at which only children will be allowed to present. The successful children will be required at once to pay the Security deposit which will be refundable at the time the student leaves the school or the student is struck off the roll subject to dues if any, owing from the Parents/Guardians, being deducted from this amount. (Note : Damage to school property will have to be made good by the Parent/Guardian on demand.)
  • Date and Mode of Payment : Tuition fee for April, May & June, Co-curricular, exam fee & maintenance fee will be paid at the time of admission when the school opens in April.
  • A fine of Rs. 100.00 will be charged for late payment ifthe fees is not paid within twenty days of the first month of the quarter. Students whose fee are three months in arrears will have their name struck off the roll at the end of the relevant quarter and will not be allowed to sit in the class.