Our Features

Library :
The school has well stocked library. Besides books related to curriculum and competitive examination, the school library also contain books of science, history, grammer etc. which are very essential for student's all round development.
Computer Lab :
The institution has a modern and well equipped and updated computer labs
Laboratories :
The school has well equipped and updated science lab for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.
Sports :
Our school lays great emphasis on sports. Regular sporting activities are conducted under the guidance of trained coaches so that students over come their fear and learn various sports.
Extra Curricular Activity :
There are separate activity rooms where children give expression to their creativity and learn, music, art, craft etc., under supervision of competent teachers.
Transport Service :
The school has well maintained buses with trained and children friendly staff (drivers and conductors). The bus are equipped with G.P.S. and first aid. The bus staff takes care of students while they are using school transport.